Home Banking Changes with the Systems Upgrade

Home Banking

Our systems upgrade at the end of this month will result in two noticeable changes in Home Banking. We would like to ensure you are aware of these changes.



How Primary and Joint Owners See Accounts

The most visible change is that members with multiple member numbers WILL see every account they are authorized to transact on inside Home and Mobile banking. If you are a primary account owner, you might currently share a Home Banking login with someone else (spouse, partner, child, etc.). After November 1, 2021, be advised that anyone who shares your login will be able to use Home Banking to access, view, and make transactions on each account you are authorized to transact on.

If you are currently sharing logins with another member and do not want them to have access to all accounts you are authorized to transact on, please change your Home/Mobile Banking password before the systems upgrade begins on October 29, 2021. This will prevent your personal account information from being accessed by anyone who currently shares an online login with you. To change your password, log into Home Banking and choose "Security Preferences" under the "Preferences" tab.

Joint owners can set up their own online logins once the upgrade is completed on November 1, 2021. This will allow them to view and transact only on accounts they are authorized to transact on. To enroll in Home Banking, visit cypruscu.com and locate the Home Banking login area. Choose "Enroll" to set up an new Home Banking Account.

We've created a scenario below to show how the systems upgrade will affect viewing accounts in Home Banking.


Home Banking Update Scenario


Jane is the primary owner on three separate Cyprus accounts: (1) a personal account of her own, (2) a joint account with her husband, and (3) a car loan account with her daughter. Each of these three accounts has their own username and password for Home Banking.


hb updateArtboard 1 copy

After Cyprus’ systems upgrade, Jane will no longer need a separate Home Banking login for each account. Instead, she will be able to see all three accounts in one place using a single login. This means that her husband and daughter will also be able to see all three accounts, even if their names are not on all of them.


hb viewArtboard 3 copy

If Jane does not want her husband and daughter to see and have access to all of her accounts in Home Banking, then Jane should change the password on each of her accounts before October 29, 2021. After November 1st, Jane’s husband and daughter can setup their own usernames and passwords in Home Banking. This will only give them access to accounts they are authorized on.


hb updateArtboard 3


hb updateArtboard 1 copy 2



Changes to Share and Loan Identifiers


The second noticeable change is in regards to account suffixes. An account suffix is a 2- to 4-digit letter-number combination that appears after your member number. This helps identify what kind of account you have. For example, the suffix for a savings account is S1, while L22 signifies a new auto loan. After the upgrade, suffixes will be made up of 4-digit numbers called “share IDs”. For instance, the new share ID for a savings account will be 0100. This change means that your member number(s) will look a bit different on Home and Mobile Banking, i.e., XXXXXX-S1 will now be XXXXXX-0100. Please remember to use these new identifiers when making transfers on Home and Mobile Banking.

hb share idArtboard 2 copy
hb share idArtboard 2 copy 2




Examples of New Share ID/Loan ID


Account Type


Old Share ID/Loan ID


New Share ID/Loan ID

 Dream Checking  S5 0500
 Savings Account (Shares)  S1 0100
 Auto Loan  L20 1400
 VISA Platinum Awards  L63 5675




Customize Your Account View

Due to our recent systems upgrade, Home Banking may now display your accounts in a different order than what you are accustomed to. If you would like to reorganize how your accounts are displayed, simply go to the “Preferences” tab on the Home Banking menu. Then, select "Account Preferences.” To alter the order in which your accounts appear, use the up or down arrows to the right of each listed account.



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